Brand Story

Welcome to Amik Wigs Hair & Heads, where we ensure you look good and feel better about yourself. Every woman loves to feel and look beautiful as it gives her confidence, making her feel attractive and radiate an aura that they can conquer everything. At Amik Wigs Hair & Heads, we are an online store dedicated to providing you with high-quality handmade wigs, customized wigs, manufactured wigs, hats, caps, head wraps, hair and head accessories, and many more products that serve many beauty purposes.
With more than 20 years of experience as a hairstylist, I started the brand in 2020. My desire and motivation for the brand stemmed from my personal struggles. As a cancer survivor and caregiver, I experienced severe hair loss due to chemotherapy and understood firsthand the need to boost women’s self-confidence by giving them a new lease of hair.  I was encouraged by my family and clients to venture out and start the wig business, as I could not manage to work during the COVID 19 pandemic due to my pre-existing condition.
Serving the USA, Canada, and Europe, Amik Wigs Hair & Heads seeks to improve the lives of all women. Women who are experiencing hair loss, those that are seeking a breather from heat and chemicals found in beauty products, women who work out daily and want to wash their hair as often, women with busy schedules, and mostly, for women who wish to enhance their beauty and boost their confidence. This is made possible by the consistency in our products' quality and the excellence of our customer care services that have endeared us to customers all over the world.
Wherever you are, Amik Wigs Hair & Heads got you covered. Contact us today and let us make you look good and feel better!